Are Israelis bad people? A simple answer

Many people around the globe look at Israelis as bad people. They claim that the Israelis occupy the Palestinians illegally. They support the violent acts of insurgents and condemn the Israelis for defending themselves.

Since that some of the world opinion identifies with the Palestinian right to the land and those men always attack the state of Israel because of the acts of defense. There is a need to find a way to help those people affiliate with Israel and to repel the attacks on Israel in the public media around the world.

Some Israelis, including officials, use the Bible and the promise of the land of Canaan to the Israelite's by God. Some use History and the Holocaust. Those claims by my humble opinion do not help and make us sound Messianic.

The "liberals" claim that God does not exist and God's promise together with evidence that Jews used to live in the land of Israel do not give the Jews the right to destroy Palestine. The same thing with the claim that the Jews suffered in the holocaust and have no other state as a nation. They claim with all the respect that this does not give us, the Israelis, the right to cause wrong to the Palestinians.

We need to find a solution.

In my humble opinion I propose to abandon these claims that don’t assist us. I think it is better to adopt different approaches – more universal that will help people to identify with us. We need to claim in simple words: It is our land by international law. As any other state we have an ancient right to defend ourselves. Further more we were born here and have the same rights as the Palestinians to the land.

In my eyes those claims cannot be denied and will gather more support and legitimacy to our beloved homeland.

4 מחשבות על “Are Israelis bad people? A simple answer

  1. אוריהיפפו

    ומה אם יציעו לך לתת תושבות ואזרחות לכל הפלסטינים? מדינת שני עמים? ומה עם זכות השיבה לצאצאי הפלסטינים שחיים ברחבי העולם?
    ומה עם זכות השבות לכל הפליטים היהודים שגורשו וברחו ממדינות ערב ואיבדו את רכושם?


    1. Georgvon1 מאת

      לאחר שביסנסו אישור להיות פה, ניתן לנהל דיון רגוע יותר על מדיניות התנהלות בנוגע לטריטוריה. שקובעי המדיניות יחליטו בהתאם לשיקול דעתם.


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