Why I Love Feminists – The Problem Of Slogan Usage

I love Feminists

I met once a good spirited feminist. She had a shirt with a slogan that said: My body My choice. And she had also a sticker on her laptop that said: No Human Being Is Illegal.

I asked her why are you pro abortions and against life of a fetus-future baby?

She answered me very politely: 'my body my choice!'.

So I asked her why do you support illegal immigration?

She answered me with a smile like I'm a dumb person, 'they have a right to live'.

So she asked me in reply, 'why are you against abortions and why are you against illegal immigration?!'.

I waited for that question… I became happy and I told her coldly like a German Prussian officer: 'our country our choice, and who said that a baby does not have a right to live, especially when he is here in our country and the illegal immigrant isn't'.

And she became TRIGGERED… 🤣

Thanks to her I had a good mood for the rest of the day

This is an hyperbole story

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