תגית: detarence

About the #MeToo campaign

Once I was asked by a lady friend of mine to escort her after a lecture somewhere in our city center. I didn't understand why and I thought she is not courting me. So I asked her why. She answered that men whistle and bother her in those places. It was a new discovery for me. I realised that I live in a different sphere and it was a cultural shock for me.

About the method and the aims of the campaign of #MeToo. What is it's aims?

Although I discovered that women suffer from certain behaviour and men have a big part in it, it did not cause me yet to become a declerd feminist or act differently towards women.

Moreover, I don't yet believe in deontological equality. And I believe that one of the ways for men to become successful is through having many women because: A. people think they are successful. B. The get ideas, connections and recommendations from the women they sleep with. And I believe that many men break the law in this subject, and the women as a crowd play along and not only the men.

I am a great believer in energy justice, and energy relations. In my humble opinion always people will suffer, and my aim is to help my feelings/interests, and sometimes it convergences together with another human being for the benefit of both of us. Justice for me is what the powerful decide.

#MeToo is not important for me because i don't see how it changes our society's behaviour. I have nothing against it and do not see any benefits from it. Men can always declare feminists values and still sexualy harass.

My solution is that the weak should become stronger and change the balance of energy and create better ditarence system for themselves.